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        Colorful Poly Balloon Ornaments

        Hand painted colorful hot air balloon ornaments made of poly resin with a dangling, moving basket.  Small ornaments are 3" tall and the Large balloons are 6" tall.

        Tie dyeRainbow zig zagRed, yellow, blueRed, white, blueSpiralPastel zzKurtKubicekKimBlue zzRainbow zzRed, yellow, blueRed, white, blueNm

        Cloisonne Hot Air Balloon Ornaments

        Cloisonne ornaments are hand made by first starting with a copper base then adding metal borders in the desired shape such as the stars on the red, white and blue.  Once...

        Red,white,blueSmall zigzagYellow spiralRainbow spiralWhite starYellow gore

        Enameled Glass Balloon Ornaments

        Blown clear glass hot air balloon with colorful enameled accents in 8 different themes/colors.  5.5" Tall

        ButterflyFishFireworksHummingbirdIrisMerry christmasPoinsettiaSpiral

        Wood Fiber Onaments

        These lightweight ornaments are made out of styrofoam with a colored wood fiber over it.  The company originally only did birds and a few animals so you may recognize some of...


        Talavera Balloon Ornaments

        Hand painted Talavera ornaments or hanging decoration.  Made in Mexico, Talavera comes from the Delores Hildago region of Mexico.  Each one is different so if you have a color preference, let...

        Poly Resin Hot Air Balloon Ornament

        4" tall hand painted hot air balloon ornament made out of poly resin.

        SpiralBlackBlue rainRed, white, blueSouthwestYellow rainbow

        Acoma Indian Ornament

        These handmade ornaments are made by a lady still residing at the Acoma Pueblo.  There are several designs, some in all black paintings and some with brown added.   This is the...

        Stained Glass Hot Air Balloon Ornament

        Colored stained glass pieces have been set in a copper or silver metal hot air balloon shape.  Ornament is 5" tall.


        Airship Ornament

        Mouth Blown, hand painted glass Christmas decorated Airship ornaments.

        Crystal Hot Air Balloon Ornament

        Gold Plated metal ornament in balloon shape with colored Austrian Crystals.  3.75"