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        Metal Geckos

        Colorful metal and mirrored pieces decorate these 3D bodied Geckos.  For outdoor use we suggest giving them a spray of UV Polyurethane for maximum protection from the sun. 9.5"-13"

        GreenOrange swirlOrange straightPurpleOrange and green

        Extra Large Metal Sun Wallart

        Handmade in Mexico, this sun is painted with automotive paint.       50"x 50"

        Cactus Metal Sun

        This sun is painted with a cactus balloon.  Handmade in Mexico, this is a rare design.  A relative of the artisan was in town and handpainted this balloon design on this...

        Mini Metal Sun

        Handmade metal sun with automotive paint.  13", designs may vary.  This is a very popular design but I am not able to get hot air balloons in this size at this...

        Sun/Moon Metal Decoration

        Handmade metal sun/moon with automotive paint.  This one has a quail, other designs may be available.  17"

        Metal Sun with hot air balloon

        Handmade in Mexico and painted with automotive paint.  These are cut metal pieces.  The balloon imaged suns all have cactus.  It is possible in the future that we will have other...

        Hanging Metal Stars

        Handmade metal stars with designs cut into the metal and marble accents.  These can be lit with a cord you can purchase at the hardware store.  Comes in 3 different sizes:...

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        Metal Geckos

        20" Painted metal geckos painted to look like they are textured.  Available in 3 color choices  Orange, Golden and Brown


        Double Orange Fish Sculpture

        2 Orange fish swim among the corral in this sculpture.  Made of metal, 3D fish, 17.5" tall

        Orange Fish and Corral Artwork

        13" tall tabletop art of an orange fish swimming among coral.  The fish is 3D and the sculpture is made of metal.

        3 Fish Metal Tabletop Artwork

        Three different colored Fish are set in a sea plant setting.   Tabletop art stands 12.05" tall.  Fish are 3D and are blue, yellow and purple colors.

        Blue Angelfish Tabletop Art

        One blue colored 3D angelfish with a sea plant adourns this art piece.  11"