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        Large Windchime with Glass Hot Air Balloon Topper

        This Chime has a painted glass balloon at the top with a deeper sounding steel tube chime.  Price listed has been marked down from $35.  40"

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        Multiple Balloons Windchime

        Five colorful metal balloons hanging down into the tubes of the chime causing the noise when the wind is blowing.

        Colorful Metal Hot Air Balloon Windchime

        20" painted metal hot air balloon wind chime available in copper or silver wind chimes and 3 color options.  A. Horizontal stripes, B. Rainbow Vertical Gore and C. Rainbow stripe top...

        HorizontalVerticalBlack bottom

        Small Metal Windchime

        This metal vertical gore wind chime is mostly red and green in color with some ball accents. 21"

        Noiseless Hot Air Balloon Windchime

        These balloons are made of metal and have a corkscrew spinning bottom instead of wind chimes.  Available in 3 different color options.


        Poly Resin Balloons Windchime

        5" poly resin balloon with steel chimes and small poly balloons hanging with the chimes to create the noise when the wind is blowing.  Approximately 24" tall plus the hangar at...

        FeathersYellow centerVertical gorePink spiralKurt'sSpiralBluePurpleZigzag
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